One of the carnivores referred to as "The four great ones" the wolverine, Gulo gulo, has a reputation of being the cruelest of hunters. The old Swedish name for the woverine was filfras, which comes from the German word Vilefrass that means "the one that eats a lot". In French the wolverine is called Gloutton, which kind of speaks for itself. So, this animal has been considered to kill for fun, or just to drink the blood of its victim. However, the wolverine is not a very skilled hunter. Actually it's downright clumsy. It catches its occasional prey with great difficulty and is often seen to follow the bear, fox or lynx in hope to find some carcass these more agile carnivores might leave behind.

The greatest asset of the wolverine are not its sharp claws, but rather its huge paws. These make it possible for the wolverine to stalk reindeer when the snow has just fallen and is not yet very solid. The reindeer will plunge through, whereas its stalker can move more swiftly on top of the snow and then catch its prey. Also the wolverine looks particularly cute when it uses its oversized paws to surf the snowy waves made by avalanches on the mountainside.