I get the key to my hotel room in the lobby. It´s room 801, that´s on the 89:th floor. When I think about in I can´t remember this hotel having more than twelve floors...but maybe I have been wrong all along. I step into the elevator and push the button for the 89:th floor.

The walls of the lift are made of glass and I can see the city below, the river and two boats. People without faces getting on and off the lift as I continue the trip to the floor where my room is.

After having past the 30:th floor I am alone, no one entering or leaving. Looking down at the floor of the elevator I suddenly notice that there is a gap, about half a meter wide between the floor and the walls! I freeze in panic! The elevator starting to accelarate and vibrate I get severely acrophobic, though I´ve never been afraid of heights before.

However, the nightmarish rush towards the top of the building ends and I get out, shaken, trying to find the way to my room..
I find a reception desk and ask the balding man behind it which corridor to enter.

"Oh, room 801. That´s on the 2:nd floor!"

"So the rooms starting with one-hundred-something are at the top of the building and…."

"Yeah that´s right, we start from the top and go to the bottom!" Smiling nauseatingly at me. "So you just take the elevator down again!"

I dare not take the elevator, instead I grab my bags and start walking down the stairs. The stairs, this I know, only have two exits - one at the 89:th and one at the first floor . When I am somewhere in the middle, the lights go out