Splendid start to this sunny friday, found some forgotten about feta cheese and hummus in the fridge and made me a really tasty sandwich for breakfast with mild peppers and marinated garlic to top it off. The coffee got just perfect and raised my expectations for a splendid day.

Unfortunately these expectations had to crash and burn just a few minutes later, when I decided to pump up the tires of my bike at the nearby gas station.

My mind elsewhere, still being pleased about how the day started off and still sensing the lingering garlicky taste of the sandwich, I didn´t notice that the tire got overloaded and suddenly it exploaded, going off with a BANG! right in my face. The little brown dog on the corner yelped and was led away by an angry looking owner.

From this moment on everything I attempt to do at the lab gets screwed up.

Jinxed by an exploading tire.