For the first time in my life I have been the one to tell people what to in relation to work at the lab. I have ordered antibodies from a company and they call me, me, to ask how they should treat the protein sample I gave them.
This makes me feel like there is something a bit askew with the whole thing. I mean, I haven´t even finished my education yet. I´m just a mere student, they are the pros. Still they seem to think I am in a position where I can order them around. "Do this." "No, don´t do like that!!! Are you mad or something?!"
But after having gotten past the feeling that I´m out on thin ice, pretending to be some sort of scienceperson I think I managed quite well. Ahem, I think...for the love of God let´s hope I gave them the right instructions or the wrath of my supervisor will come down upon me!