I´ve been very VERY angry today. This may sound like something ordinary, but is for me a truely unusual event.

I am now 25 years old. The last time I remember being really angry was in kindergarten when two of the other little girls were behaving really annoyingly for a long time and I snapped at them to shut up. I can still recall the amazed looks on our teachers` faces as they realized that something had made me angry. The other girls were told to be quiet at once, since something had made me upset the sum of the irritation they had accomplished must be waster than the teachers had first realized.

What made me furious this time was riding in a car with a person who totally lacked any sense for what´s right and wrong to do whan driving a car.

We were in Stockholm, the traffic was dense. Our driver didn´t look at the signs but instead tried to get out of town by finding out where the sun was, and thus which way led northward.

In this car ride from hell we drove against two red lights, managed to get in the lane where only busses may go and finally found ourselves facing the traffic driving in the left lane!

I truely feared for my life at this moment. And when our driver after having found the way to the airport after an other set of minor incidences said "Well, that went OK" my brain started to boil and a curtain of red was drawn before my eyes.

I shuoted at him for about five minutes, furious! My God if I ever meet him again I think I´ll start screaming immidiately!

Boy, did that make me feel good! I almost look forward to being angry again in another twenty years or so.