Monkey Soy Leprechaun - Real Or Malarkey, Begorrah? - An E2 Nodermeet In Dublin

OK! Having advertised this idea on my homenode for some time, and gotten a decent response, I've decided to finally create the writeup.

To contact CloudStrife - phone or SMS plus three five three eight six eight two one four two one one.

  • The Concept
    A nodermeet in Dublin, Ireland. So far, I've only really met one noder. And another, very briefly. And although I chat with fellow noders quite frequently, I'm yet to meet another in person, let alone get roaring drunk with a noder! I want to remedy this as soon as possible.
  • The Plan
    Travel to Dublin! Come meet me, drink with me, LOVE ME! Er, perhaps not. Anyway, the middle of June sounds good to me, so let us say Saturday the 14th of June, 2003, in Dublin. For those who wish to attend, but have a long way to travel, I will happily get hotel/hostel/whatever details and attempt to make bookings, and perhaps even act as tour guide, to the best of my abilities.
    Also - I have booked an area in Dakota which is kinda off Grafton Street, on South William Street (see,236.html?sid=98bcdae59a5a42cef4050c17bb5a5f4b for a map); we are expected there at 8 on the saturday evening.

    I am planning to make a weekend of it myself, and take friday 13th and monday 16th off work; I may be able to provide accomodation for one or two noders, if necessary. Or more, if you aren't too fussy. More concrete details will be posted as they become available.

  • The Cast
    The following have already subscribed to my newsletter:

Anyway, here are a few urls you may find helpful, if you wish to visit us:

  • - Very cheap flights to Dublin from anywhere at all in England, plus some of Europe.
  • - Tourist information, mainly - but includes travel and accomodation stuff.
  • - As above, but not done by the official Irish Tourist Board.
  • - Flights from America to Dublin or Shannon, if any of our more western noders would care to join us.

As always, /msg me if you're interested and I'll add your name to the list. Also, any ideas or suggestions about the meet are welcome. Cheers!