Golden Sun is also an RPG for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance, developed by Camelot. It has been widely lauded as one of the best games for the GBA so far. It was released in Japan in early 2001, and in the US around November 2001, but unfortunately there's no European release scheduled, to my knowledge.

I did manage to get an import copy, and I have to say it is one of the best looking games I have ever seen, and in that I'm including games like the Final Fantasy series. The developers have really pushed the limits of the GBA's graphical capabilities to create a beautifully-renderd, colourful landscape. Golden Sun is the story of a young adept named Isaac, as he and his friends travel the land looking for the Alchemy Stars. Gameplay features include the use of different types of magic, called Psynergy, different character classes, and helpers, called Djinns, which are used like GF's in the Final Fantasy series. OK, so some of the gameplay may recall the Final Fantasy games, but the storyline is original enough, and the graphics, while spectacular, are quite different in style to FF. I won't go into too much detail, so as not to spoil the game, but if you like RPGs and have a GBA, BUY THIS GAME!!!

Update Time! (30th Jan)

Golden Sun is being released in Europe; my local Electronics Boutique gives the release date as 22nd February. It'll probably go on sale for something in the region of 50. Whereas I paid about €30 to get it two months ago. Muahahahaha!

Also, I've finished the game. I loved it. And there's definitely going to be a sequel; it's due out in the US some time this winter. I can't wait!