The Echo Park album was released in 2001 by Feeder, latest in a long line of great Welsh guitar bands. It's their fourth album, following Polythene, Swim and Yesterday Went Too Soon.

Track listing:

  1. Standing On The Edge
  2. Buck Rogers
  3. Piece By Piece
  4. Seven Days In The Sun
  5. We Can't Rewind
  6. Turn
  7. Choke
  8. Oxygen
  9. Tell All Your Friends
  10. Under The Weather
  11. Satellite News
  12. Bug
Echo Park was produced by Gil Norton, probably most famous for producing the Pixies and the Foo Fighters

Seven Days In The Sun and Buck Rogers were both released as singles, Buck Rogers reaching number 5 in the UK charts. But despite that, I found it impossible to find a copy of Echo Park (in Ireland, anyway), until drummer Jon Lee's tragic recent suicide.

IMHO...I think it's a great album of crunchy, grungey, poppy guitar noise. If that's your bag, you'll like this album. And even if it isn't...well, it's catchy and pretty fun music. There are one or two mellower tunes with kinda trip-hop-y beats to them (Piece By Piece springs to mind). I s'pose some of the songs sound a bit like a happier Linkin Park without the rapping. Some nice use of pro-tools, too.