"Wagga Wagga" is also a slang phrase used to draw attention to any Freudian slip or accidental double entendre. Used in a self-depreciating manner; the Wagga-er is aware that he's being immature in pointing out whatever he's wagga-ing about, and that said wagga-impetus is remarkably tenuous, but waggas anyway.

Usage is definitely lowbrow, but not outright offensive. It's sort of verbal eyebrow raise. Sort of a cross between Fozzy Bear and Finbarr Saunders.

Most people who say this make me want to kill.

'Ah, John. We've got a new writer joining us today, I'd like you to give her the once over.'
'Wagga wagga'
'You... shot me....' *bleeds to death*
Much rejoicing


Out of curiousity, anyone know why this node seems to be softlinked to half the database? Asides from it being fun to say, natch.