This book is included on the list of books that will induce a mindfuck, but I feel it deserves a category of it's own: books that leave you feeling physically ill. Fight Club (albiet in film form) came close, but this book is executed more smoothly, more horrifically.

The ending is worse than a punch in the face. It left me feeling I'd been betrayed by someone I trusted. I felt sick. I slept badly. I made all my friends read it. They responded much as I did.

Reading it a second time is worth doing, as the book is full of little cues for people who've already been through once.

Aside from Catch-22, this is the one book I'd recommend everyone read, to put things in a new light. (although reading Player Of Games first makes for a good warm up, as well as an excellent book in it's own right). I've brought POG and this to Uni, and I fully intend to inflict them on anyone who shows the faintest interest.