Some later Game Boy and Game Boy Colour cartridges contained rumble-packs (such as Top Gear Racing), designed to enhance reali... check that, they were just a stupid battery draining gimmick. To return to the point, don't ever, ever think about putting one of these into a Super Game Boy. Your SNES will make hilarious clacking noises for a few minutes as it shakes around the desk like a mobile-phone on vibrate, then cease to function forever.

The SGB was also emulated within the Pokemon Stadium games on the Nintendo 64, although with additional options to increase the emulation speed up to four times real-time.

Lastly, some early previews of the Nintendo Gamecube were running some form of "Super" Gameboy Advance emulation - reports from E3 had Gameboy Advance plugged into the controller ports of the Gamecube, with the GBA graphics displayed on television screens. This technology now seems to have materialised in the Nintendo Gamecube Game Boy Player - this fits in one of the expansion ports on the underside of your Cube, and lets you play Game Boy, Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advance titles on your TV screen. If you have the Gamecube GBA Cable, you can plug in 1-4 GBAs and use them to control the games, and even play link-games (possibly split screen?).