Roughly translated as "Take the butt."

Shiritori is a word game played in Japan by bored people, especially children on long train rides. This is similar to the way the game Going on a Picnic is played in the United States.

The rules of the game are:

  1. Somebody says a word.
  2. The next person says a word that starts with the last kana of the previous word.
  3. Anyone who says a word that ends with the 'n' kana loses (No words in Japanese start with 'n').
  4. (Optional) The same word cannot be used twice in a game.
  5. (Optional) No verbs.

Play continues until all players except one have lost, or the destination has been reached, or (most likely) until the players have lost interest.

Example of play

Tanaka: Ame.

Kurosawa: Megane.

Tanaka: Neko.

Kurosawa: Kougaku.

Tanaka: Kuma.

Kurosawa: Manga.

Tanaka: Gakuin... are!?