Calling all Japan-based noders...

I am looking at my plane ticket to Tokyo right now. I will be spending fifteen (!!!) hours crammed into a seat euphemistically referred to as "economy" (why does "economy" mean "freaking huge" for everything except plane seats?) to give a fifteen (!!!) minute presentation at a workshop on Augmented Reality.

According to this ticket, I arrive at Narita International Airport at 1355... um 2 in the afternoon, local time, on Sunday, October 5th. The workshop is on Tuesday, and I depart for the states at 4:20 P.M. on Thursday.

I've been to Japan before, for 7 months, actually, but only spent about 48 hours within Tokyo. Again, I find myself visiting that gigantic metropolitan area without suitable time to explore it. My traveling companion has never been.

This is where you come in.

My overwhelmingly positive experience with the bay-area noders during this past summer makes me want to spin the wheel of chance again, and seek the kindness of strangers. I'd like to get some Tokyo-area noders and their friends to help myself and my fellow graduate student see the best of Tokyo.

If you can help out a poor vagabond noder out, please /msg me.