Today, noted science fiction author Neal Stephenson told me that the augmented reality games my project group has built this semester are "cool."

Today, I called my father because in a few short weeks I will be moving to San Francisco for the summer so I may intern at Maxis, makers of The Sims and many other fine non-game computer games, and I wanted to talk to him about the forms I must fill out in order to convince an apartment complex that I will pay the rent like I say I will.

Today, my dad told me about my remaining grandparents, who have reached an age where their fragility is becoming harder to laugh of lightly, and more of a serious day-to-day issue.

Today, my dad told me about consolidating loans after I graduate next year, and how this is a wonderful time to be borrowing money.

Today, my dad told me that my mom has been working less because the hospital hasn't needed her as much lately, and she feels a little worried.

Today, I have been reminded of my mortality, and of my parents' mortality, of my helplessness and insecurities, and that my longed-for future in the games industry represents another step up the ladder for my family, but that any success I win has been paid for by the sacrifices of previous generations.

No pressue.