I have been busy lately. Very busy. Today is my first day of spring break, and so perhaps it is time to get my affairs sorted out.

Today I will go to see my girlfriend for the very first time ever. We met in a chatroom nearly 3 years ago, and started "dating" 2 years ago after I returned from studying abroad in Japan. I do not entirely understand how our relationship endures such distance, yet it does, and I am pleased. She, too, is a noder, and I have been promised the hospitality of NOLA noders during my visit.

Unfortunately, I worry that much of this break may have to be spent programming. Perhaps not "much," but at least, "some," lest I return to find myself drowning in a sea of responsibilities. While not programming or being a boyfriend, I must also design a new card game--I'm thinking something with elements of Girl Genius: The Works by Cheapass Games, and Illuminati by Steve Jackson Games. Hopefully, this will not be too much of a hassle for Geemu no Tetsujin!

It is also official enough that I may as well say it: this summer I will be interning at Maxis, the game development studio owned by Electronic Arts responsible for The Sims, SimCity, and SimPrettyMuchEverythingExceptSimGolf. This will be a great opportunity for me. I'll be doing mostly Python scripting on projects which I may not be at liberty to speak of at this time.

Also, it sounds as though I may be sub-contracted to assist in the development of a collectable card game for kids for a certain large media company.

Why do I keep hinting at cool entertainment that I can't go into detail about here? Perhaps I am evil?