Today I am a college graduate.

I achieved a dual B.S. in computer science and Japanese from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. Big day in life, I guess. Still, no success without a little loss. I didn't make cum laude status at the very end. I haven't seen my grades yet, but I'm guessing I probably missed by one one-hundredth of a GPA point. That kinda sucks. It was a personal goal I set for myself, and to miss it by so little... even though my accomplishments are still quite impressive (two majors, two minors, an honors thesis, 6 months study abroad, president of the literary magazine, and some other stuff).

So, there's a little sting to it. I didn't get to wear the yellow tassle, but black has always been more my style anyway.

Still, this is a happy day. A very happy day. Next up: internship, and then graduate school.