As many Americans are aware, lucky tax payers are being given a $300-or-so tax rebate by the federal government. Some people would have preferred the government take some of its much touted surplus and spend it on something like edjuma-cation. No such luck this time, it seems.

Still, there are options available for the true philanthropist. Take that check and give it to your favorite charity. I mean, lets face it: $300 is nice, but it can't really get you something all that cool in today's economy. Still, it is enough for the average citizen to give to a favorite charity and feel like they really gave something.

Most of you out there can probably think of some pretty cool charities, so I'm not going to burden you with a list of some of my favorites (I'm not getting paid to write this, after all). Still, if you can't think of a better place to spend your money, why not scroll down the side of the screen and check out the e2 Donation Box?