Tonight's dream was particularly unusual in that I was not the main character, my friend was (maybe, see below). I was often in the scene somewhere, acting as a narrorator, but I was only an observer. Thus, it is possible that some of the things that I saw in the dream did not happen, even in dreamtime, but were instead my attempts to figure out what had passed while I was away.

The dream took place outside of chronological order, but I will try my best to rearrange it into chronological order for purposes of easy reading.

A woman is in a prison cell when a man comes to visit her. Both of them look very different from normal. They are both very overweight, and even their faces are wrong. Hair color was wrong, too. Both of them should be light blonde, yet they both have reddish-brown hair. The man has brought the woman a cake, but it is unfrosted. They sit down in the cell as the warden (who looks exactly as he should) watches from the door.

"You brought me a cake!" she says.

They banter back and forth, and the man cuts the cake, although not in wedges, but rather using parallel horizontal lines. They both sit down to eat. The woman crunches on something in the cake. It does not contain a file or any other tool. Instead it contains pills of some sort. It is not revealed what kind of pills these are.

The woman and the man are lovers, although they did not become so before the woman was in jail. I do not know why she is in jail. This was long ago.

Now she is out of jail. This is some time later, although now everybody is of normal weight, so they all tend to look younger. My friend, the man, looks like himself. The woman looks like Lex from Sofia Coppola's The Virgin Suicides. Now I am in the picture, too. There is a younger sister, a brounette like me. The two of us will flirt occasionally, but mostly just to avoid the third-wheel feeling created by the two love birds.

Some scenes are repeated several times throughout the dream. We are moving things out of a basement. Small things mostly, so we can take several at once. We are outside at a park with a gazebo.

There is one point where the younger sister and I flirt more lustily than usual. We are rolling about on her bed, and she is just about to kiss me when she gets up and walks out the door of the bedroom. I follow behind at a short distance, trying to figure out what's going on and when we can get back to the making-out. The hallway has a banister on one side that looks down to the first floor (the bedroom being on the second). This part of the architecture is similar to a house I lived in when I was a child. The younger sister looks down and sees the blonde girl.

"Do you mind sharing?" she asks with a hint of laughter.

The blonde girl shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head slightly in a "do what you want" way. As far as I know I have no relationship with her, so I do not know why the blonde girl would be "sharing" me. I wrap my legs around the younger girl and we go back into the bedroom. More making out occurs, this time with kissing, instead of just mad, childlike rolling about with sensual hugging and petting. Then suddenly, I realize that the younger sister has disappeared, and I am with the blonde girl instead. I am slightly surprised, but it makes a strange kind of sense so I continue to make out with her. She slides out of her jeans and is wearing the tiniest of white g-strings.

It occurs to me that I might have also turned into my friend. Or, if I haven't turned into him, that I was him all along and didn't notice. We could be separate personalities in the same body. I have not seen or read Fight Club, but it might have been something similar to my understanding of what was going on in that book. The girls might also be one and the same, and anyone who has read The Illuminatus! Trilogy will understand how.