Today I have embarked on a new hobby. Today I sauntered down to my favorite Twin Cities' game shop, Pheonix Games, and bought two brushes and 10 little pots of paint so I could begin painting the steampunk miniatures I bought at GenCon last weekend. It took me all afternoon, but I really like how things went. If things continue to go well, I may do a writeup on how to paint metal miniatures or something.

Of course, what I really should be doing is:

  • Work on honors' thesis
  • Review Japanese
  • Study for Computer Science GREs
  • Make stuff with OpenGL for my portfolio.
Jumping Jesus onna Pogo stick! I feel like such a crappy student at times like this. At least I'm doing my yoga again so I feel a little more in shape.

I suppose I do feel justified in that, in painting that little metal figurine, I made art today. Of course, "I don't want to make art, I want to be happy."

I'd like to start writing poetry again. Perhaps I can sit down and work on that tomorrow. I also want to try drawing again. Of course, none of this stuff has any relation to anything that I should be doing. -sigh- Mark Twain would have mentioned something about fences and whitewash, but he's dead. Oh well.

So then, I guess I'm reviewing kanji tomorrow. I will be an ii gakusei yet.