"Plan B"

The matchbook that holds up the table leg

The red jellybean
Which is inhaled while laughing
And choked on

The postcard recording the phone number of the woman from the bar

The piece of wedding cake stored in the freezer
Brought out on the first anniversary
And thrown away

The pencil supporting the mainsail of the toy boat

The song about the ex-boyfriend
Written before he announced his indiscretions
Sung for the new boyfriend

The on-line service free trial CD
Hung from the branch of a Christmas tree
After being microwaved for 3 seconds

The Victorian-era crib
Suddenly sold in a newspaper
To finance the termination
Of an unplanned pregnancy
At the age of 48

The racial slur used as a greeting between friends

The cardboard box fort

The collection of poetry notebooks with only the first two pages used

The thousand dollar computer
Replacing the eighty cent notebook and two dollar pack of cards
Made worthless by the reading of a seventy dollar programming textbook
Leading to the purchase of a two thousand dollar computer
Made worthless by the reading of five hundred dollars in textbooks
Redeemed by the seven hundred dollar upgrade
Funded with the money from the new career
That in two years would lead to the frustrated burn-out
Resulting in the purchase of an eighty cent notebook and two dollar pack of cards

The pair of old running sneakers that help the dogs find the body