Having just stumbled back on this node by accident, I feel like Tem42's writeup, while admirable and accurate, is maybe not clear enough on the crucial point:


It is to all appearances made up wholecloth by user ConfusionTheWaitress and has subsequently served as a source for a Wikipedia article by the same name which, as of this writing, remains up and has this node as its only reference. The claim that Venus Castina is a Ā»Roman goddess responsible for watching over, caring for and sympathising with female souls trapped in male bodies and the spiritual ambassador for all those who crossed the lines of genderĀ« has no precedent or prior occurrence even in the extremely spurious sources which originally invented this faux-divinity; it is very hard to see this as anything but a deliberate falsarium for the purposes of spreading disinformation. While, again, my fellow-noder inventories these source nonsenses scrupulously and well, it seems to me that the lede is heavily buried under these specifics, and that, as long as this node persists in use as a source elsewhere, a strong and unambigous note is in order, hereby provided, by yours truly. Whether the original writeup ought not to be nuked (along with this one, naturally) and Tem's writeup lightly edited to reflect its context, I leave to staff to decide, but my personal opinion is probably easily deducible.

I also don't know how to contact Wikipedia or why I ought to care about their scrofulous attempt at an encyclopedia, whose quality control this episode amply demonstrates, or else I would do so, to finish the job.