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I would like to be able to set a bounty of more than 10% of current GP in [Everything's Most Wanted]; my assumption is that this 10% thing is from back when XP was the One Currency and its large-scale transfer had to be curtailed.

Also, I'd like it if Categories could be embedded into writeups, producing something like the metanodes of old, because the way they're set apart from the nodes proper now is really not productive, they're practically hidden. (OldMiner blarted something about how they already were integrated, in Zen, but when I checked this it appeared he was only referring to the little category navigation thing in the footer which not only shows up but is actually more sensibly formatted in Jukka and which is the thing I'm referring to when I say »practically hidden«. If it transpires that he was actually right about this, feel free to disregard the suggestion.)