She walked in right in the middle of a game of Risk my friends and me were playing.

It would have been less embarrassing if she had caught us having wild monkey sex. As it was, she had walked in right after I had taken Iceland (which, for some reason, held extraordinary importance to us all). I was doing my little victory dance, which -- by the way -- was perfectly in time to the music we had blasting in the background.

It is easy to convince yourself that you’re cool when surrounded by others just like you. You can convince yourselves that you’re a clique, that you don’t need them, that you’re the ones excluding them and not the other way around. As soon as the woman whom I have a thing for enters the situation, all my delusions are shot to hell. She’s cooler than me, everyone knows it. My eyes widen in terror, all my friends wince and she says ... “Oh! I love this song!” She slides into the chair next to me, smiling, as I die of happiness.

Sometimes I’m surprised by how little I know about the opposite sex.