Just heard quite possibly the most terrible and humiliating thing for a human being to do to another human being, and thought, well heck, I should node this puppy.

Rodeo is a game that takes hogging a step further. First one must find an extremely overweight woman and seduce her into the sack (note: while hogging can be done by either sex, rodeo has certain formalities that would make it difficult to accomplish if the roles are reversed). During sex, one must use doggie style while uttering extreme profanities that are both insulting and degrading to the woman. She must become so annoyed that she tries to stop the sexual act. Once this happens, the "rider" yells out "Rodeo!", grabs a belt and quickly throws it around the woman and holds both ends to "ride" the woman for eight seconds.

It helps if an accomplice is hiding somewhere with a video camera to ensure the claim of 8 seconds is properly documented.

I would also like to add that I in NO way condone this sort of behavior, think anyone who does it should probably be brought up on charges of sexual assault, and have lots of other nasty things happen to them. This is just FYI.