One fine evening while talking on the phone with my boy late into the night, laying in bed, I rolled over on my side and I closed my eyes. And I was still listening to him talk, and it was actually somewhat entrancing, the soft muffle of his voice and his laughter and sometimes his speech incoherent, but all the same, plausible I assume. And as I closed my eyes, I swear I was just resting them, the most unbelievebly stupid image popped into my head.. green beans spelling out "HIV" on a plate. I started laughing. He asked what was so funny; I explained to him. He started laughing as well. I suppose this was my share of the bizarre images that we both experience while nearly falling asleep. And only a couple of weeks before, he had imagined every person in the world, except for me, wearing a gas mask. He asked me, "Aimee, why aren't you wearing a gas mask?" (insert bout of laughter).