This can be a bitch for anyone that allows for human nature to apply to them. As somehow, we are greedy and selfish, and put ourselves before anyone, even the person who means everything to us. How many people would truly sacrifice their life for a loved one? Or give up their hopes and dreams to just make that special someone happy?

There are people out there who would, but for the most part, we deny the fact that we don't care enough for other people. It's embarrassing to admit that you don't love someone enough to die. No one wants to look immature in front of the rest of society. But, it's only human.

Lust is the desire and whim that everything is yours. No thought put forward into the other person. No compromising. A completely shallow way of believing you're in love. Usually, you know very little about the person you lust after. You don't even have to find them physically attractive. Just wanting them is enough.

Love is the connection of your soul with someone else's. It's settling your differences, dealing with conflicts as one person, not two seperate entities. It's sharing your life experience with them and being the other person's friend. Love is pure and comes without decision.