So I'm driving a tricycle down the highway. Don't know where I'm trying to go, I guess this is better than walking and is almost like driving a car because I'm going at an incredibly high speed. Zoom zoom! I'm driving a tricycle recklessly down the highway, I keep skidding off the road, and cars around me can't predict what I'm going to do next. I hear voices on the CB radio, "Steer clear of the tricycle kid! Man, she's like a pony waiting to gamble in these waters!".

I turn off the highway and into a gas station. I'm hot and sweaty and I don't know what I want. I stare at the drinks in the freezer knowing I don't have any money to buy... LIQUID HAGGIS??? Maybe I was lucky not to have any money. An old woman comes out and offers me some lemonade. She's wearing wristbands, a headband, and by the look of things, she's been sweatin' to the oldies. "I hate exercise. I feel for you little girl!" She shoves a teddy bear in my hands. I instantaneously start crying as she strips her body of her old woman apparel and reveals that she is actually an "Aimee"gate spy. I guess my driving was a political scandal but I had no idea it was this bad. I heard a code repeated over an intercom that had been wired into different parts of the building, Outside I hear a space shuttle landing on a big helicopter landing pad, and what I conceive to be my friend James and even harder to believe in this dream, Mat Catastrophe have stepped out of the space shuttle. James wants me to go to school with him, which I am actually oppposed to, but can't say in this dream because it may conflict with the "Keep Aimee's Tricycle Off The Highway" campaign. Mat Catastrophe is trying to tell me that there is a new Atari GX console or something and .. I quote.. how "systematic revenue of the company may be the downfall of the Roman Empire." (I'm not quite sure if that's exactly how it went, but I'm pretty close I hope) I asked what this has to do with the Aimeegate campaign. He said tha the Romans were not on my side.

My brain chips off a piece of my memory and now I am at school with James. He has wire and he is binding our bodies together by wrapping it tightly around us. The Romans charge in, in stereotypical war costumes, and start attacking us with pushbrooms and other janitorial equipment. Among the Romans, you guess it, was Mat Catastrophe again. This time he dressed in a general's uniform and is holding a shotgun which he is about to blast into the sky. He counts to 7 in German and shoots. Everything in a 10 foot radius around him spreads out. He stands silent for a moment. Still tied to Jaymz, I grasp for a piece of dirt and fling it at a Roman. One of the many Romans on the scene explodes on touch and everything fades out.