I had the creepiest Simpsons dream.

Homer was under the impression that Ned Flanders had a crush on him and wanted to engage in some sexual activity with him.

Ned was clearly an out-of-the-closet gay and so Homer had no qualms about the implications made by Ned's wink. So they decided to take a trip together.

Homer gathered a condom (which was made of plastic) and two other objects which I can't remember and got into Flanders's car. This was when Flanders told Homer they were going fishing. He asked Homer what he was holding and he threw it in the back seat and said, "Nothing."

They went down to a rather closed-off creek and trekked acrossed the muddy banks until they could find a nice place to stop. However, they never found this area because they were constantly haunted by new evidence of ghosts or someone hunting them.

As they reached the "back wall" of the creek (a dam that reached the clouds), they noticed little 8" x 11" quilts. One was an American flag and the other two were random patterns.

Spotlights hit the two men and a large birdy flew over into Homer's face. They both looked up and the Chief Wiggum was there with his two crony cops. "Book 'em boys!" Homer and Ned climbed up onto the ledge where they stood.

This was when it was made clear to Homer that Ned had no interest in him. "I just wanted to go fishing, sheesh."

Chief Wiggum explained that the local high school practiced volleyball there (I don't know why there was a birdy though).

And they left.