I'm invited by one of the old presidents of Mexico to live in this houseboat on international waters with fifteen foreign exchange students from places like Tanzania, Morocco, Lithuania, Mongolia,.. so in general, not-so-exotic places. I decline the invitation, and now I am in my bedroom trying to masturbate, but I have this fear that I'm being watched. So I realize my windowblinds are pulled up and someone is watching me. I panic, and throw them down, and immediately quit. That's when I leave my bedroom to go to the kitchen to get my breakfast. Because all of my stepbrother's friends saw me masturbating, they suddenly want to hang around me. So I spend the day hanging around these 13-year-old boys who normally make fun of me for being such a geek. It's nighttime, and we're in this great deal of trouble, and we have to fix what we did wrong by the next morning. It's 10:30, so I run into the house, and my mom is at my house sitting on the couch and she asks me where I am going. I fib and say I'm going down to someone's house. She asks who. I tell her Alan (one of my stepbrother's friends, who in this dream is my best friend). I take the telephone with me, so I can call her from wherever I am pretending that I am at someone's house. As we are standing outside at my bus stop, we see this short bus coming down the street. It stops at my bus stop, and the windows have been painted over. I get on, and the last couple of seats of the bus are boarded up to the seat height, and back there sitting are these kids from my school. I can only recognize this boy that wears these big rings of black make-up around his eyes (imagine a giant panda) and a short boy who babbles on about his new girlfriend that he doesn't even know. I take a seat in the seat in front of them (as there are only 5 rows of seats on the entire bus), and as I am sitting down. My phone rings. I answer it, and it's my mom. She wants to know if I'm wearing my towel over my head like we discussed. I guess we were part of some Douglas Adams book cult.

I arrive at school, and Ben and I are in the cafeteria and are upgrading school computers to this BRAND SPANKING NEW DOS 6.0(!!!!!) We are so excited about this, now our school has great technological capabilities. I remember though, when I rebooted the computer, everything looked like KDE and GIMP opened up. And in GIMP, there was a large graphic of Steve Case and Dem Bones shaking hands. They were signing a contract to merge E2 with AOL. I screamed, and Ben, who was now on the other side of the cafeteria chatting with one of the lunch ladies, ran over and asked what was going on. I showed him the graphic, and he was so startled by this that his hair stood at end with this huge expression of shock on his face and all his hair fell out. Dem Bones had this new webpage at some place like www.aolsuperimposementsex.com. On the page, there was pictures from an E2/AOL corporate orgy that had taken place when everyone was in Redmond. Psuedo_Intellectual, Nate, Icicle, and some user I have never heard of named Ukatan_For_Babies were wearing Kaiser helmets and tying down Mojoe to this ironing board.

I turned off the computer, and Ben and I went to this new theology class our school had. After class, Ben looked at me and said, "If it weren't for Scientology, I would have no respect for Everquest." We went to the computer lab where we played Everquest until this alarm went off and I woke up.