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So I awoke from a nap and walked into my kitchen and saw Ben's sister, Rachel, in front of the stove. She says, "Would anyone care for some pineapple?" and hands me a pot full of boiling water, which burns my hands.

As I'm applying Neosporin to my burns and cuts, she rushes out of the room, picks up the phone, and calls someone, supposedly this boy from the remedial class who is in my driver's ed class. He's this dirty, filthy boy who is highly unattractive, and above all, stupid. And she is speaking in Spanish to him, and she says, "Está bien! Ven aquí, tú cosa caliente!" which translates to "It's okay! Come here, you hot thing!" After a while, I look out on the front porch, and there they are making out. I come outside and ask her what is going on and why is she at my house, and she tells me that she is waiting for their mom to bring Ben over so that he and I can work on our project for health class.

The remedial boy (here-on out known as Moron Boy) is wrapping rubberbands around her neck, which is causing her head to swell to an incredibly large size. Eventually the swelling goes away, and my English teacher shows up with Ben, and he and I work on our project for my health class. I'm doing this large scale production diagram of the penis. And he is telling me about the time he got a vasectomy when he was 5. I ask why, and he tells me about how his seminal vessicle wasn't working right and I tell him that that doesn't have much to do with cutting the vas deferens. He then says something to me along the lines of, "Fried and white? OK! Brown and pasty? UH-OH!" My dad comes in and starts talking about his vasectomy and so on, and then Moron Boy comes back inside with Rachel and they tie Moron Boy to the refrigerator and beat the living crap out of him, and Ben says, "This is what you get for ejaculating into the water fountains at school!" and I then wake up.