I was in my history class taking a long test (which I actually have to take today, sadly) and I had to finish the test by 9:10 to leave for a field trip (another true thing) and it was 8:48, and I was only halfway through the test. So the teacher had these shackles and I was chained down to the floor and not allowed to leave.

Then, I was having this huge argument with my dad about Columbus Day. He was trying to tell me that it's on the 1st of October, and I was positive that it was on the 12th. After that, I was in the car with my dad's girlfrlend and her 15-year-old daughter and I was rambling on about Columbus Day again. They too, thought Columbus Day was on October 1st. You can imagine how angered I was. Then the daughter said something like, "What did Nietzsche do?" and her mom said, "Oh he wrote the cutest songs." Amd I thought, "WHAT IN GOD'S NAME ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!!?" So they start singing some song that Nietzsche supposedly wrote called "My Baby Angel" and it sounded something like Mariah Carey's "Honey". All I need to tell you is that it was immensely scary to have Nietzsche be accredited with this awful song.

Then I went home and I confronted them all. "I don't have to listen to you and your Columbus Day and Nietzsche wrote songs crap! I know better!" They looked at me like I was a moron. Then I went to my bedroom and I had to clean my room. This largely involved cleaning my garbage can which had the remnants of a boy I had pursuing me a month or so ago. I had slaughtered him, and tubules of his were writhing inside of my garbage water trying to get out. I was so disgusted by this, that I had to separate my trash and take his out separately.

There was also something about my academic team being on the front page of the newspaper for winning the entire county championship (this actually happened as well) but the Sun News was calling us at the house of my dad's girlfriend's sister who lives in Texas. And they would speak to each of us on the phone and I remember what I was going to say if they wanted to speak to me because I memorized it and now I only remember half of what it was, it was something like, "I remain indifferent to.." oh well.

So they found out I had murdered that guy, James, and they took away our huge trophy. No one was mad at me for some reason. Then James cloned, and THEN, everyone was mad at me.