I was driving to the grocery store, looking for something, but could not find it anywhere. So I headed back to my car and drove to another grocery store. To say my driving was merely destructive would be an understatement. It was devestating. I had no control over my speed. My accelerator was stuck and I would hit random things as I drove along.

Eventually I landed in an alley downtown and got out. I walked along the road until I saw my boyfriend, a girl we met at quiz bowl camp Andrea, and some other girl. We were cleaning the side of the road for money. I noticed at some point, the man paying us took Andrea to the side and said something to her. When we finished, he told us to come inside and he would pay us. I stood up and made a big speech about how he could pay us right there and we wouldn't need to go inside. But Andrea and the girl did. It was later understood that these two girls were raped and killed.

But eventually, my boyfriend and I were inside the building sans old creepy guy paying us. The man had paid us 87 cents for cleaning the road. I was sitting in a chair talking to my boyfriend about how he thought Andrea had softer skin. He said no. I said, "You thought that when she was alive." He replied, "Well... yeah." And began to insult my skin. Then there was this clip of me at age eleven sitting in a chair. People were trying to convince me to take better care of my facial skin but my only concern was playing mandolin (I was listening to NPR as I had this dream and I think an orchestral piece with a lot of mandolin was playing as I dreamt this). When I came out of the flashback, two boys came in the room and removed their heads. They would eat spinach by stuffing it in their esophagus, which was exposed to the air.

I removed my head and put it back on again. It didn't seem any different, but it felt like something was missing from my face that I couldn't see. The dream had the air of one of those stories from that Nickelodeon television show, Are You Afraid of the Dark. It was annoying. As I left the building, my boyfriend showed up by my car. There was this new grocery store next door and we were in the parking lot of it. I noticed my messenger bag was missing. We both turned around to see a car with fins on its tail flying by with the bag hanging from it. I chased it down the street. I thought it would stop at the traffic light, but it took a right turn and I never saw it again.

I awoke.

I also had this minidream where people were sitting in a room, playing some game, and every time they lost a point, someone would say,
"Okay, 'foo', ratify an amendment of the United States Constitution that you don't like."