I dreamt that my boyfriend and I were talking on the phone about Drop Dead Gorgeous. He told me that he had the name of the movie wrong all along, and it actually had French subtitles and went by a much longer name, one that I can't seem to remember. I told him it actually was only called Drop Gorgeous. He was listening to the infamous song from the movie as we spoke.

We got off that topic, and he started to tell me how he would be missing school the next day because he would be in the hopsital to be operated on. I asked what was wrong, and he said, "Oh nothing, I just would like the surgeon's opinion on my pretty blue eyes." For a brief instant, I was lucid and I said something to myself about how he was going to get 8 ball contact lenses placed in his eyes if he took those blue irises for granted.

I was then coming home from school, and I noticed a letter on my desk from my dad's girlfriend. It was a long complaint about how I had accused her of being a lesbian. I looked at my computer monitor, and there was a journal entry that I had written about how gay she was. I ran out the door waving the letter around, and I kept running into people.

At some point, I ran into my math teacher from school, in my house, and I asked her what she was doing here in my home. She replied, "Honey toots, you gots some serious logarithmicismistic problems and we must sit down and talk about that ooey gooey permutational love."

Ben comes in the house and I ask him how the operation went. He says that it was postponed because we needed to talk about Fermat. I wondered why that could be so important to him. "What about Descartes?" "That's not important!" "You don't have time for Descartes?!" or something to the likes of that.

I woke up and I thought I was on the phone with him. I tried to tell him about my dream, but then started talking about Squirtle and Meoweth (or whatever those Pokemon characters have for names) breeding and forming the Tortoise in the story told by Efwei in Things Fall Apart. I then fell back asleep.