My dad, my stepfamily, and I go to a summer camp. I found marijuana in one of my bags, and my dad found out. He and I discovered that the drug dog would be on grounds today, so we scurried about to get out of camp to get rid of it. We thought it would be good totake our family on a nature hike. Once we got to the summit of the mountain, my dad and I slid down the mountain and onto the bottom of the trail. I decided to go fishing with the marijuana, but all I was attracting was this one alligator. I don't remember where we put the marijuana in the end, but we went back to camp and were in the mess hall when the dogs broke in. My first thought was that they were going to smell the marijuana on my clothes. But they passed me right by. They attacked someone at the same table. And I awoke.

Then I had another dream about the neighborhood where my best friend, Adam, lives. It was actually a follow-up dream too something I dreamt two months ago where I had been held hostage in a trailer after coming out as a lesbian (no, I'm not. I'm heterosexual, just in the dream I wasn't). There was something eerie about the neighborhood. Everyone had robotic dogs. I was being accused of the theft of one, so I tried to run away. I ran through the grass between these two houses, really deep muddy waters, splashing up on my legs, until I got to Adam's house. I knocked on the door and his aunt appeared, and then went to get Adam. I then did something horribly wrong. I robbed their house. Or I killed someone. I don't know. It was a heinous crime. The next thing I can remember is Adam and I walking down the road from his house, and I'm crying into his shoulder. He picks me up and carries me through the muddy water and to my neighborhood. We pass by this old man's house and he smiles and waves. In all actuality, i have never seen that old man so happy since I've moved here.

I don't know what I was crying about. Nothing was said between us. He set me down, and I hugged him and told him that I love him to no end, and he told me to calm down. Before I could even look him in the eyes, I woke up with tears streaming down my face.

Hands down, I think this has something to do with me being a soulless person... the evil neighborhood... the water.. the tears and the happiness. Not to sound like a dream prophet, but I think that by this I was saying to myself that I have to go through several tough experiences to find what is really important to me, and once I do, my soul will come back.

I then had one last dream. My friend, Kristine, and I were driving to McDonald's. Our business was that she would get out of the car and run into the place to talk to the guys standing out front that had waved at us when we drove by them. I was waiting for my order at the drive-thru, and was listening to Smashing Pumpkins. I ran up to Kristine and told her she had to hear this song. "Dot sings it and she sounds like a COMPLETE moron *laugh*" I run back to my car but I'm getting short of time. I'm trying to rewind the tape as fast as I can. I end up playing Bullet with Butterfly Wings but on the tape it is listed simply as "Rage." I turn the volume up loud enough for everyone in the parking lot to hear it before I realize that this song is not sung by Dot, and I actually like it. I ignore that and continue to listen to it.

Then Kristine wants to buy candy. I take her to the Dollar General store (and strangely this store was at the location of my old job) but now we have more company with us, some girls I guess I knew, but I don't remember knowing. She wants to buy candy cheap, and someone suggests she buys one of these huge packs of M&Ms. I look up and the bag of candy is about the size of a bag of kitty litter. She pulls it down and examines that price tag. It was actually $2.50. I offer to carry one bag, but I'm also carrying something else that I had before I entered (I don't know what it was) The head of the English department from my school approaches me and asks me how my summer reading is coming along. I lie and say I've already finished and she gives a stern look before saying, "That's good." She doesn't believe me. Then an argument arose at the check-out counter. Kristine didn't even have $5 to pay for the candy.She's throwing a tangent, and I'm not speaking up about how I have $200 in my wallet. I'm thinking about how funny it would be to buy them and set her up on a payment plan--like Lay Away or something like that. I didn't buy them in the end. And she managed to pay.