I can't explain this dream the best that I want to. It started out where I was in competition with 3 other students in swimming to a specific location. It was slightly reminiscent of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, in the scene where the group must walk through the miniature door in the hallway to get into the main room. I secretly thought to myself, "If I push my body into that small drain, I will get to the swimming hole!" So I suggested it to the boy in front of me. He went headfirst, and I later found him stuck inside the drain when I went down. But I was just standing there looking around. We were supposed to be in the same situation as all those "Real TV" shows are where we're isolated from the rest of the world, so I'm surprised when I look out the window and I see other kids from school walking around. A boy walking by in a flannel jacket catches my attention before I am forced to slip down the drain, which looks and acts like a water slide. I then see the boy who proceeded to go head-first into the drain and his face is looking up at me as I am about to kick it. I apply my ass breaks, contracting all my muscles to slow down and try to move my legs away. So what happens is that I end up spreading my legs and his face goes to the obvious location. insert some scene where people are calling him a "carpet muncher" from the top of the drain] I shove him until he ends up moving again. There isn't enough water to send us fully down the drain so we have to push ourselves.

Some scene arises where we all find out that he is making more money than we all are so we go to the leader and officially state that we are on strike for unfair treatment. Over that period of time, I continue going back to the swimming hole trying to figure out a way I can swim to the destination without coming back up for water or using any gear that would provide me with air. I'm trying to expand my lungs out with practice to contain more air but this is looking hopeless.

I'm now in an alcove looking at video games. This one store is selling new PSX2 games (without the console!), and the woman at the counter is trying to tell me that I can't purchase them until the console is released in the states. I ask her why bother even having the games on display then. She doesn't answer. I then look over at the original PSX. They're trying to sell it for $170, which for some reason left unknown in my dream, was a very good deal. Games were only selling for $17. So I thought that maybe if I bought a bunch of games, I would be saving the money that I wasted on the PSX. Although that doesn't make sense because I could have bought the console elsewhere and came back for the games and saved a whole buttload of money.

Some other dream wielded in. I was supposed to see my "secret lover" (my best friend) for the last time. I had to throw on clothes because I was dangerously underdressed. I also had these two dogs. I liked them both (which is odd because I normally don't like dogs at all). They were only puppies and they didn't smell bad like most dogs do. There was a dark brown one who I kept kicking in the face by accident so he grew pissed off at me. Then there was another one with blonde fur. I was more attached to him now since he was the newer of the two. (This is the most obvious unconscious statement my brain has ever produced in a dream)

I went out of the house and over to my friend's house. I see him and run towards him, and he's wearing a work uniform. He has a job now at K-Mart installing those games where you win stuffed animals with a crane. I'm really curious about this because he's moving in not even two weeks. I told him I had to go home and change clothes. So I ran back home and I take off all of my clothes, even my underwear, and I think I have to take off my socks just to put new underwear on. This is getting complicated. I come back to my friend's neighborhood and I see him jumping rope around the neighborhood.

Then I wake up and I have one of those sequences where you think you're talking on the phone but you're really just mumbling to youreslf. I slipped into a lucid moment and realized that I was not talking on the phone and slipped back into my dream world. And all was forgotten after that.

(BTW: Diablo 3 for PSX2??? Super Mario Brothers even when it's licensed by Nintendo? What are my dreams coming to?!)