1st Dream:

I was going on a road trip with my dad and his girlfriend's family. Not even a mile onto the road, we make a bathroom break. First, only my dad gets out of the car, but I decide that I should use the bathroom too or else I'll be complaining later (common sense). I walk into the diner where we have stopped, and I use the bathroom, and returning to the door, I see my dad sitting in a booth eating a sandwich. I grab a soda and down it then decide it'd be best to use the bathroom again. As I look at the bathroom, I realize it's a huge child's playpen and people can watch you use the bathroom. The boxed-in area looks like a sauna, without the steam. I sit down on a bench and am trying to use the bathroom, but I know this is most inapropriate behavior and can't manage to go. People are laughing at me, boys with balloons are standing outside watching me. I'm angry at myself because I've been here for fourty-five minutes and my family is waiting in the car. I then notice that there is a bathroom after all and that I've just been trying to pee in front of everyone just for the hell of it. I relieve myself and walk back to the car, parked too far away for me. The dream ends as I get back into the car and we take off.

2nd Dream:

This one started where I was in downtown Myrtle Beach with my dad's girlfriend and we were driving around. She was going to go to a nightclub and would drop me off in this area that I had never seen in my life, with a statue and a small park like you would see in a normal, middle population city. But I never went there, and she never went to the nightclub, and instead we went to this novelty shop, a very small one, that looked like the Bazaar you see in Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time with all the items hanging on the wall behind the counter. There were gag lingerie items and when I looked back at Lisa, she was buying these things. It looked like a Viking helmet, but she told me it was something you put on the top of your sunglasses frames, and it makes horns on the side, something strictly for the Vikings (the football team, not the explorers) fans. She was buying my dad these so that he could wear them on his sunglasses while he watched the Vikings play in the Superbowl.

My dad's not a Vikings fan and the sunglasses he wears are nothing like the ones in this dream, so I was baffled. Why would anyone wear sunglasses indoors while watching football on TV anyway?

We left the shop, and as we were walking to the car, I could see Robert (Lisa's 8-year-old son) playing baseball in the imaginary park. He had John Stamos with him, (who was a terrible pitcher might I add). Lisa invited John home with us, and he accepted the invitation, and started asking me questions on the drive home about my cat, Juicy. When we were at home, we were going to play baseball in the living room. Robert was at bat, and John and I were deciding who should be what. I told him I refuesd to play pitcher because I'm deathly afraid of being hit by the ball, so he suggested that I play catcher. He was about to throw the ball, when the cat came in the room, and he dropped everything and picked it up, hugging it. My cat was the equivilant of Michelle on Full House. He was in love with the cat. He wanted to feed the cat some sort of baby formula, and asked me if we had a baby bottle. I said yes and went into the kitchen to find it, but couldn't. I looked in the refrigerator and saw that it was in there filled with amoxicyllin (the liquid form). So I ran into my dad's bedroom and asked Lisa what that was for, and she said that it was for the ear infection Scarlet (my other cat) had.

She was lying on her side on the bed. I started rubbing her stomach, and I asked why a cat would be taking an antibiotic. She wanted to know why I cared so much and I explained that John wanted to feed Juicy baby formula. She thought this was as weird as I thought Scarlet taking Amoxicyllin was, so I left and went back in the kitchen and improvised. I found a Squeezit bottle and asked him if that would work, but he shook his head no, so I went through all of these things and in the end... he never fed the cat. So... I don't know. It was over before I could even give a damn.