An interesting quote from her televsion talk show came from an episode today featuring a 17-year-old Miami girl who had started a volunteer program for teenagers called ManaTEEN. She was talking about the output of local members, and she noted that the organization had started with only 22 teens and had grown to 10,000. She then handed Dr. Laura another statistic, that there are only 13,000 teens in the Miami area (something seems inaccurate about this statistic, but that's not the point) and so almost 5/6 of all teens in the Miami area were active members of this organization.
Dr. Laura: "My goodness! What are those other 3,000 children doing, out getting arrested?!"
Nothing like that ultra-conservative mind to make such a beautiful assumption.

She followed up later with a comment that parents watching this program were probably griping at their kids asking them to do what this girl was doing.

Dr. Laura: "Why can't you do that instead of... wearing your baggy pants and going to the mall!"
So it's said that a person wearing baggy pants can not provide their help to the community because this is some sort of mind-altering device. And who is to say that this girl doesn't regularly attend the mall herself? Do all teenagers waste their time on one thing? Do people not like variety in their lives? I'm just not following.