Betty Cooper is your basic fun-loving girl from Archie Comics. She's practically the perfect girl, beautiful, sweet, fun, and loving. In fact, she's too good for Archie, especially since he rarely pays any attention to her at all except for when Veronica Lodge has stood him up.

Betty is the care-giver to the gang. She cooks food for all of her friends, plays baseball with the guys, goes shopping with all of her girlfriends, and still has time to spare at the end of the day to help Archie with his algebra homework.

At times, she can be eccentric, depending on the situation, sometimes even daydreaming of weird scenarios involving her, Archie, and Veronica.

Betty also has an older brother Chic and an older sister Polly. Polly, as I remember, visited sometimes in the older digests, but wasn't a regular.