I thought I'd give the day log thing a shot for my first time.

Today I installed Litestep onto my computer that has Win 9x (even 3.1 I suspect, though I haven't seen the folder on my drive anywhere, go figure). I spent most of my day slacking, and I considered noding some things, but then I quickly realized I had noder's block. I was very proud with my Litestep theme once I configured the Step.rc file properly (which I have managed to fail doing so many times in the past). And found that it looks nothing good at all on a 15" monitor with 800x600 resolution. Besides that, I was angry that there was no support for jpeg wallpaper and that I had to convert all my wallpaper files to crummy bitmap.

Because I believed I would have a heart attack if I became any more disorientated, I avoided my Linux machine all day. No need for those kind of problems.

And then there was this whole thing with the five book reports I'm expected to have ready for school on Thursday. I hate summer reading. I hate A.P. U.S. History. Whoever created this class was looking for trouble. Plus every time I turned on the television, I kept seeing the psychic ad with the woman with the fake Jamaican accent. I realized that if you listen really closely, her accent sounds more Scotish than Jamaican at some points.

And putting up with my stepbrother's irritating laugh that he has developed over the summer. It sounds like the infamous Nelson (The Simpsons) laugh ("ha-HA") mixed with Chandler's (Friends) work laugh. Of course this is just a trivial part of spending the summer confined inside my bedroom. God, I can't wait until I go to college.