My school was under the impression that I was going to bomb the school. It was a few days after the Columbine shooting. There were rumors around the school that Wednesday. Everyone was running around with panic-stricken faces, talking about how they were going to skip school on Wednesday because they didn't want to be shot. Now everyone and their father should know that this is the oldest trick in the book. You start some BS rumor so no one comes to school. It's a classic. I laughed at it. No one at my school really had the capacity to do something like this, and if they did, they sure as hell wouldn't be flaunting it around the school. Why would you do that?

So, like expected, they called an assembly the day before Wednesday to try to clarify the status of these rumors. Some I had never heard of, one that there was a webpage on the internet saying that there was going to be a shooting at my school. Turns out it started by someone talking about the Columbine coverage on the CNN website.

Then my entire English class started joking about how funny it would be if I were planning to instigate a shooting at my school. Everyone thought this was hilarious. Why? Because I'm quiet and intelligent. I'm alternative. People are intimidated by things like that. I started drawing these fake bomb plans. The things I had labeled were things you don't even put in a bomb. I thought anyone would be able to figure out that this was a damn joke. First off, you don't use 2 inches of notebook paper for a fuse if you're going to list CO2 as one of the ingredients in your bomb. And besides that, where the hell was anyone expecting me to get Plutonium, the storage closet in the chemistry lab?

So my journalism teacher saw it. He was pretty good about it because he's a friend to me. Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to tell a friend of mine about this incident and she turned me in to the guidance counseler. So I got called in the next day, and I'm not really assuming it has anything to do with those bomb plans, and rather instead I'm thinking it's about the pornographic stories I was printing from the computer lab earlier that morning. So I walk in and there is a guidance counseler, a cop, and one of the vice principals sitting. They want me to take a seat. Something is wrong here. I sit down, and they can't confront me, so they're trying to subtlely hint that I have bomb plans. I admit to it, because if I try to lie, they already have too much proof and witnesses to fuck me over with. So I figure the truth is the best way to go.

Mind you, I still think this is a "stupid reason" to be called in, considering they are going from a rumor and I'm upset about myself even telling my friend this. After I replicate the small bomb plans the best I could, I'm dismissed. I return to class and the school receives a bomb threat. Everyone is saying I'm going to be expelled.

I'll spare all the little details occuring here, and move on to the next day. I get called back in there. The guidance counseler is majorly pissed off at me because I didn't include the map of the school on my replication. It seems they went to the teacher and asked him because they didn't believe me. The funny part is that despite how pissed off she is at me, neither she or the vice principals want to suspend or expel me because I have no discipline record and I am an A student. They're afraid to punish me. So they think that I'm distressed or that I have problems. They hold this against me. I apologize for all the trouble I have been causing. Some of my friends have already been expelled. But not me. They like me. They just think I'm disturbed. They think I'm going to hurt someone if they push me any further. They think I have that strength. After sitting in the guidance counseler's office all morning that Friday, they call my dad and ask him to come in. It's around noon by now. So my dad is trying to save face for me by acting like a "super-good" parent. They search my bookbag and my messenger back looking for something, but they end up finding this mock business card that a friend of mine produced. It listed his address pointing to the house of Charles Manson. The guidance counseler decided that this meant I had anger inside of me. What?! Then, this all spans out to a long discussion about how I'm intelligent and I'll be able to take AP and IB classes next year (which I didn't). It was decided that I should go home for the day, not as a suspension but an early dismissal from school. As I left her office, the guidance counseler looked at me and said, "I'll pray for you, Aimee." My face curled up in disgust. She'll pray for me? I went home and called my friends. My dad explained to me that he had found my bomb plans and threw them away. My family was scared of me. I had to start seeing the guidance counselor on a regular basis because I had some "deep-seated issues." Guess what? I didn't.