There are two others that I can think of, "I don't question your existence." and "You think it's hot here?", but I've seen the "Don't make me come down there." one above all questioning. Who makes these billboards? Isn't there a better way to pile us into church other than force-feeding us dry humor while we're driving down the road?

Also I just thought that I would share something similar to this. The church down the road from my house has a marquee with messages quite like the God billboards. 2 years ago, as I was walking past the church, I saw it had changed. It now read, "Turn or burn." I went home, shared this with my dad, who followed to say, "They're right! If you don't turn over at the beach, you will most certainly burn!"

And one right before Mother's Day that just made me sick: "Thanks mom for not having an abortion!"