Holy buttsex, Batman!, you crashed a linux box!! I logged on this afternoon, and started writing up my daylog, opened up XMMS (the greatest media player ever), and my system locked up. Hard. No mouse movement, no input, nada. 120 reset, everything in /tmp is fux0red (which is OK), but the rest of the drive seems to be clean.

I finally got my password for the history department's web courseware system, so I can post snippy Anonymous Coward remarks about my history prof. (Just kidding, professor, now stop noding and get back to your research). I will spare you all the details of my attemts at divining the whim of my cute lab partner, lest I sound like Kit_Lo on a bad day. (Oh woe is me, for I know not if she thinks I'm a hottie)

I found out this morning that the Run to the Chicken 5k is after my birthday, so I'll be 21 by then. Yay for beer at 8:00 am!