* cid takes off his hat, and stands on a soapbox

I come not to flame Dman, but to bury him...
Tthe Gods destroy accounts almost every day, but this one was different. He was not a drive-by noder, or a ghost left over from E1. He was not a Pinchemadre, or a hot grits troll He was Dman, a loud, tactless, opinionated, bitter person. He was also one of Everything's Best Users. He was viciously ridiculed both for his flying monkey right political views, and for his tactless way of expressing them. In the end, though, they led to his undoing.

I'm not sure if his expulsion from Everything was inevitable, or if maybe we had been a little nicer to him, he wouldn't have ended his noding life as a troll. It's too late for that now. Dman is dead, a martyr to his precious politicical cause, and because of it Everything will be a less happy, more paranoid place for a long time.

So sit down, shut your mouth, node happy liberal thoughts, watch your back, and pray you're not next, because now we've seen what happens when a noder steps out of the party line.

No, I'm not happy about this AT FUCKING ALL. Go ahead and downvote me if you like, you won't change my mind. That he was an opinionated bastard is no excuse for obliterating in a single stroke one of the most prolific and highest level noders