Perhaps we (USAmericans) find the idea of carving up the internet along arbitrary political boundaries to be pointless and stupid. Physical location of internet servers is a non-issue. Internet sites should be categorized by content, not by which pointy hair government ministers oversee the block of earth that the box sits on.

So in short, yes we realize that you are there, we realize you have a lot of good internet content, but we have piss poor memory about where to find it. The differences between .com .org and .net are confusing enough, never mind whether that server was or Everyone (even the French) should use the same TLDs, with the exception of .gov servers, which really ARE location-specific.

If the big corporations would stop sitting on hundreds of domain names that happen to be similar to their own name, there would be plenty of domains to go around, and nobody would have to rack their brains for the ISO country code for Uzbeckistan just to view a web page.