Forgive me father, for I have sinned. It has been 15 days since my last node, and 26 days since my last daylog.

It's come to my atention that some of my nodes suck. I went back and reviewed some of my older writeups, and realized that not only would I have downvoted, but I might have requested thermonuclear annhialation on a few of them. I would submit a wide-area nuke request (or would that be an e2 napalm strike request?) for all my GTKY nodes, but I'd probably drop three levels from the lost writeups alone.

Last night, I learned that you actually can get sushi in College Station, Texas. I also discovered that in sufficient quantity, wasabi is the world's best nasal decongestant. No more cold pills for me, I'll just go buy a little jar of wasabi! Now if only I could find the stuff to make my own miso. (props to p_i for noding that recipe).

Watched the Texas A&M - Iowa State football game yesterday. (American football, not soccer) The good guys won, 30-7. Whoop! According to the newspapers, the point spread was only supposed to be about 3, maybe we'll go up in the polls now. Not that we have any realistic chance of making a good bowl game after that humiliating loss to Colorado.