0800 CDT: I woke up to the phone ringing; my roomate's (he's Ender02 if anyone cares) family is already here to pick him up. He's in the process of moving his shit out of the room now. That means no more refrigerator, no more TV, and no more playstation. On the bright side, I still have the microwave, so my tea habit will be OK.

0842 CDT: Log into everything, find out I have enough XP for level 4, but 70-odd more write ups. Oh well, I'll have DSL when I go home, so my noding can continue.

0904 CDT: I really should be cramming for that calculus 2 final I have in an hour, but I think I know all that I'm going to learn.

1428 CDT: Finished with the evil finals from the pits of hell. My electrical engineering final was truly horrid, since I STILL can't do 2's compliment subtraction. Oh well, I think I passed everything.

Now, it's time to pack all my worldly belongings into the back of the van and head back to civilization. (or maybe I'll just go out, get trashed, and pack everything up in the morning)