I got my major changed today. No more Computer Science! no more calculus and no more evil BAFH (bastard advisor from hell). I'm now a geography major. Why? because I'd rather do GIS work than sit in a little cube and code al day, and it would take me six years to get a CS degree at the rate I'm failing calculus classes. Now I just need to get the rest of my books...

Mozilla is getting less stable with every passing day. Maybe if I flood them with enough talkback reports they'll fix whatever's crashing it.

I also managed to hose my install of RPM. yay! I was trying to install a new rpm because the old one couldn't handle packages with a major version >3, so I could install Mesa 4.0, so I could build PDL, so I could build The GIMP. Instead I toasted the RPM database. blech. Gak. I hate Linux. (though not quite as much as I hate Windows 98 and MacOS)
Having your daylog voted down is like having your life voted down. Just out of curiosity, am I losing points for bitching about my advisor, for fux0ring my RPM database, or for not thinking Linux is the be all and end all of OSes?