Fuck, what a day.
Broke up with Girlfriend 1.0 today, after nearly 2 years with her. (yeah, pathetic, isn't it; I'm 20 years old, and still running version 1). Oh fucking well, I knew (or should have known) this was inevitable a long time ago. I've been hell on her, and she's been no better to me. It's probably better this way, as the last few months have been nothing but emotional sadomasochism for both of us.
But enough of that shit, I'll stop there, because "wallowing in self pity" nodes fucking suck. Still tons of stuff I have to do around here before moving day, and lots of unresolved issues (I sound like a Mozilla M. release, don't I) left to take care of.

grrrr... I just hope she hurts that goth boy asshole down in College Station as much as she hurt me. Oh, Fuck them all (and I don't mean in that warm, squishy, happy way)...