Shonkytonk @ The St Kilda Army and Navy Club

All the audience say Awww! - AWWWWW!
The lift say Awww! - AWWWWW!
All the band say Awww - AWWWWW!

As I hadn't seen them for a while I decided to go see Fred Negro and the band play at the Army and Navy club in St Kilda as I hadn't been to that venue and it was free entertainment on a Friday night.

My foot is a lot better this week so I walked down to St Kilda from my house (which only took about 45 minutes) it wasn't raining or even that cold so I didn't really my coat.

What you have to remember when going to see a band in a pub is that the actual starting time is always at least 1/2 an hour after it says in the promotions. Tonight didn't disappoint as the band had a problem setting up the P.A. - they should have got out their soldiering iron, smouldering iron. You know flux sucks. All I want's a soldiering iron.

The band played quite a few new songs tonight and the two new members: Ollie Laurie on guitar and Drew Gallin on second guitar and pedal steel.

They both seem to be settling into the band quite well but Ollie had to leave after the first set to go play with the band The Exotics at another pub.

I liked the new songs they played (the Brian Wilson themed one was a bit obscure though) and all the old favourites where there including 'My Uncle used to love me but she died' and 'Miss my mind' with a new sound thanks to the new guitarists. What I want to know is if they are going to play Dave Moll's old song 'Soldering Iron' as he did the vocals on it whenever I saw it.

Adding to the experience was when someone turned on the mirror ball which span around too fast for while and then stopped. Fred also had fun throwing a tantrum during a song called 'Mama' and used the big dance floor to act out his 'pub fiction' song.

As I wanted to get the tram back home rather than walking I caught the No. 69 tram back from just out the front (going in the opposite direction that I catch it to work in the mornings) and I couldn't believe all the street walkers out tonight.

They were not like the really sick looking ones I saw getting on the tram near Caulfield train station (who were falling asleep) as they looked quite young and really attractive.

Going past the Carlisle Motor Inn I saw two women (a blonde with long legs and brunette) standing either side of the driveway - the blonde waved and jumped around when I gave her the 'thumbs up' sign from the tram - AYYYYY!.

On the corner of Carlisle and Greeves street there was a really good looking Asian woman and a blonde-haired woman with large breasts wearing a tight white t-shirt.

The scene reminded me quite a lot of the following:
"Melbourne swarms with prostitutes. Morning noon and night they are seen exhibiting themselves at their doors and windows, and with all the effrontery of harlotry. In the streets they may be seen at all times, frequently without their bonnets, walking arm in arm and three abreast. Around hotels they congregate every evening, they rendezvous at the Theatre Royal bars for special practise at their seductive art."
The Argus, 1859 (during the Gold Rush in Victoria)

What I liked about that report as they seem to be more concerned about the women not wearing hats than anything else.

If you are going to ask why I didn't decide to walk home - WHAT ARE YOU NUTS! There have been too many muggings by pimps, bashings, people being ripped off and others being arrested. It's just not worth it. You may as well walk around singing the line from the Grandmaster Flash song 'The Message' - "Junkies in the alley with the baseball bat!"