A sword & fantasy epic from Hong Kong - The Statue of Liberty stars in one of the major scenes.


"Not as good as The Storm Riders" will be written on this film's tombstone

Before I start I have to say that the 'BOB' production company ID is one of my favourites (it's at the start of this film.)

Supposedly this film is meant to be a follow-up of sorts to The Storm Riders. You can see this with the titles being a collection of Manga style scenes and the theme sounding like the one from TSR also (it's just not as good.)

The story begins with Hero Hua receiving the Red Sword from his parents and going to try out for Master Pride (played by the bloke who played 'Sword Saint' in TSR.)

He also has a snow fight with his girlfriend and other friend Sheung. (Which I couldn't understand any of as they had white subtitles and everything was covered with snow. I wouldn't be able to watch any Hong Kong movies about Arctic explorers/mountain climbers or Eskimos for the same reason.)

His happiness at being accepted as a student doesn't last long though as his parents are killed by an 'evil westerner' and he goes to get revenge using his Red Sword.

Hero decides to leave for America straight after this to stay out of trouble, but not before 'saying goodbye' to his girlfriend.

Sixteen years later Sheung and Hero's son, Sword Hua arrive in New York to look for Hero. Upon arriving at China House they find Chinese New Year celebrations in full swing, which are upset by Old West style bogans who are looking for a monk.

The monk (Lohuan) turns out to be a friend of Hero's who escaped from a stone quarry called Steel Bull Canyon that they both worked in. He tells them that Hero fought against the 'evil westerners' who ran the quarry and that they are still after both of them.

They also meet the daughter of Brother Shadow (another student of Master Pride) and tells them what happened after Hero's wife came to America looking for him.

In the course of the flashback we meet some cool-looking Japanese Ninjas - Earth, Wind, Water and Fire and hear about Master Pride's duel with Master Invincible.

Hero also sees a fortune teller who tells him that he was born under the 'Star of Death' so anybody close to him will meet an unnatural end. Sword complains later that his Dad uses this excuse for everything.

After hearing the story, Sword decides to go rescue the Chinese labourers at Steel Bull Canyon with help of Lohuan and the owner of China House...

This movie has a lot of potential but it simply doesn't make enough of itself. It is also spoiled by the heavy handed moralising.

Also, why the bloody hell is the scene with the Klu Klux Klan in there? They could have made the fight scene at the end least five minutes longer if it wasn't in there, not to mention the fact that it Jar Jar Binks the film.

Rating: 7/10